Lyfe Sports

Thank YOu for Your Support

After a long run of making some of the best jerseys around, we've decided to close our doors. If you have had jerseys made from us in the past, we may have options for you to reorder.

A Quick Message

We thank you for the years of support. Our two founders and main driving force have moved to new states and are no longer playing paintball. Concentrating on new families and building homes have left us with little time to put our hearts and souls into what we do. There are many other great companies out there making jerseys. We prided ourselves on customer service so we can't say you'll get the same elsewhere, but you'll get quality products, that's for sure!

It's all about the Lyfe

We're old school. We want you to feel important!

There are a lot of similarities between jersey companies. So we want to take it to the next level by offering service. We'll talk to you. Answer questions. We'll text message, call, or e-mail you back. We offer inexpensive design fees and offer no charge options if you want to do it yourself.

  • Quality

    Strong fabrics and vibrant printing.

  • Design

    We want you to look good, so we work with you. In most cases design fees will run $200. We do not charge extra for sponsor logos, and in most cases, we do not charge extra for names and numbers.

  • function

    Comfortable, breathable and optional padding

  • Satisfaction

    We don't always get it right. So if we made it wrong we'll do what we can to make it right.

Who we are

We're a small company made up of ballers from the days of 10-Man NPPL. We have a small print shop in San Diego and Sewing Facility in Los Angeles. We're here to make the jerseys you need and want for your team. We'll work with you on your design to give you what you're looking for.
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Jason Marciniak

Owner and Business Managment
Known on the field as Postal. Jason player professionally for the Bushwhackers back in the NPPL 10-Man days. He formed the original Flashpoint back in the 90’s and later helped reform it in 2012.
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Jason Robbins

Owner and Art Director
Robbins, started playing paintball back when the first semi-auto markers were just coming out. Tournaments were played in the woods. He played through the inventions of Hyper-ball and later Air-Ball. He played on 10-Man NPPL teams like KAPP Factory, Paintball Junkies Factor and Backwoods. After retiring for almost 10 years he came back and helped reform Flashpoint in 2012.